NetSmart Inc. provides a vast array of services to small and medium sized businesses. Many of our clients have a limited IT staff, or many times, none at all. This allows us to see and work on a broad spectrum of technology. Because of this fact, it is difficult to list everything that we can do for your organization. If you have a need you do not see listed here, feel free to contact us via phone (866-277-0023) or e-mail us at to discuss the services we can provide for your business.

IT Staffing

One of our tech support staff members will make a regularly scheduled visits to your business to assist your staff with issues that did not need immediate attention since the last visit. Items that cannot wait until the next staffing visit can always be taken care of as needed. Many clients use the staffing days for non-urgent items that can wait until the next visit.


Although malware is not necessarily categorized the same as viruses, you are probably more likely to be affected by it. A symptom of malware is that you end up with a slow running computer filled with popups while browsing the Internet that makes the computer next to impossible to use. We’ll clean up the infection and restore proper functionality of your computer.


Viruses that haven’t dug themselves too deep into your operating system can usually be cleaned up quickly. If more time is required, we’ll clean it at our office. We can leave the computer on our bench and let it run on it’s own without taking up our billable time if we were to remain onsite during the entire process.


A good backup solution is needed to protect your data. They can also be quite expensive, but they don’t have to be. There are a number of affordable solutions out there for small and medium sized businesses. We’ll help you select, and implement, the most appropriate solution for your business.

NetSmart was incorporated in 2003 and began serving the IT needs of small to medium sized businesses in southeastern Wisconsin. We utilize the many years of knowledge and experience attained by our staff dating back to the mid 1980s. Our goal is to provide quality service, at an affordable price, in a timely manner to our valued clients.

Use this program only when instructed by NetSmart support staff to allow access to your computer:
  • Save this program to your computer, preferably the desktop.
  • Run the NetSmart program you just downloaded. You may be prompted to allow the program to run.
  • Double-click the name of the tech that is assisting you. The tech should now have access to your desktop for this session only.